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Test your language proficiency and vocabulary in this educational word game! Your task is to search for the words according to the given meanings. You will be given a large grid which contains numerous blocks of letters, while the meanings of the hidden words will be shown under the grid. The words can run in any directions, for example right to left, bottom to top, lower right to upper left, etc. When you have found the word, click and drag the corresponding letters on the grid to mark the answer. Your current selection of letters will appear at the bottom of the play area. If you have found the correct answer, you will receive points based on the amount of time you have spent. If you have made a wrong entry, 1000 points will be deducted. If you cannot think of the word, you may click the Show Hint button under the grid to reveal the answer, but each time you do so you will lose 3000 points. The time you have spent and your current score will be shown at the lower left corner. Play with family and friends and see who is the ultimate word master!

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